Offer for zero profit share


This is an offer for every client who is running the Mehabe system and who would like to.

Trade above a min capital of $30,000 or 30,000 eur or 30,000 chf and you do not need to pay any profit share for next 1 year. No fee applicable for the next 1 year either fixed or profit share. Basically the client will keep his full profits and will not pay a penny.

So go ahead and claim the offer and get a chance to run the Mehabe super system making over 10% a month.

This is a time limited offer and will be taken out soon.

Register here: Open a live MT4 to run the Mehabe System. When you register on this link, we will give full access to Mehabe system running on 21 pairs. It is the only system that also operates on EXOTICS like EURSGD.

Mehabe latest performance

FEB returns at +15% and +4130 pips. Easily above the 5% threshold we give to clients.

Overall returns have risen very well in the last 1 year. Max dd well controlled and under +38%. Profit factor near 2x. Scalping and short term trades mark the system so its never exposed too much to the market vagaries.

Live Master fxblue (Feb 2020)


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