(Live Account) MEHABE Managed Account Rise +30.5% in FEB


Overall returns.
MT4 statement

Latest trade history
As can be observed, the system is a high performance and daily return system. Over 21 pairs are traded with high frequency and closes on profit. Trailing stops kick in to protect any profit visible. This is one of the sophisticated risk managed available.

The system motto is that no one has lost money by taking profits.

Many make the mistake of allowing profits to lay on table for larger profits but forex often turns quickly.

Some trades from yesterday.

The system win rate is very high showing how effectively the ECHO STATE NETWORK has been working.

The live link to the master account with all working and open orders is sent to all working clients. At any time, the system has open orders. It is continuously trading to make these kind of returns which you see.

Overall returns crosses +90% with FEB returns above 30%.

The system is trading on LIVE MASTER ACCOUNT.

If you want to get started email us at fundsupport@mehabe.com


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