Xpeng production capacity better than Nio 250.000 NOW 450.000 in 2022 – #stocks chatter


Xpeng production capacity better than Nio 250.000 NOW 450.000 in 2022
Current Production Capacity - 250,000

Haima Plant - Annual capacity of 150,000 units. However, I’ve read reports of only doing 50,000 G3’s annually(from a seeking alpha article so I label this as unconfirmed). This plant currently only specializes in only G3 production. Terms will expire on December 31, 2021, and such agreements are renewable by mutual consent.

Zhaoqing Plant - Annual production capacity of 100,000 units annually. Specifically produces the P7. Labeled their “smart factory” and is extremely efficient. Self owned which adds to overall gross profit margin. Video of the plant here

We are eligible to apply for additional land use rights in Zhaoqing, which offers the potential to further expand the plant’s production capacity. Something to watch and look out for in future news. They can expand on this plant, without building a new one entirely.

http://autonews.gasgoo.com/new_energy/70017695.html - Article on being able to expand on the self owned plant. Also found in F-1.

Guangzhou Plant - This plant was announced late Sept 2020 and is scheduled for completion in late 2022. It’s fully financed by the local government, meaning Xpeng doesn’t have to pay for it. The plant will have an estimated capacity of 100,000 units per year. Once completed, this will bring total capacity to 350,000 granted they’re still in partnership with Haima.

New manufacturing plant should be announced soon with the 2B credit line provided by China banks. Estimating this also has 100K capacity which would bring total capacity to approximately 450,000 around late 2022

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