News on Tesla Giga Factory in Berlin – #stocks chatter


News on Tesla Giga Factory in Berlin
Planned for the summer of 2021, the start of Tesla production in Europe could be postponed. The reason? The American manufacturer will not be able to complete in time some "essential" buildings on the factory site.

Sources quoted by the German publication Automobilwoche say that the delays are "major", and T**esla will not be able to start production as it originally intended,** ie in less than 6 months. According to sources, Tesla has not yet submitted the necessary documents for the German authorities to authorize a battery factory on the same land.

The American manufacturer announced that it will start the production of Model Y in the factory near Berlin in July 2021, the goal being an annual capacity of 500,000 units. In its report for the last quarter of 2020, presented in January, **Tesla claims that construction work is going according to plan and that some equipment and machinery has already started to be moved to Gigafactory Berlin.**

The question is Elon Musk didn't knew, or he lied to his shareholders?

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