Investment Opportunity in wines and vineyards. – #stocks chatter


Investment Opportunity in wines and vineyards.
Bespoke Capital Acquisition Corp. is a US$360 million special purpose acquisition corp. (“SPAC”) Under the stock symbol $BSPE this spac is in the process of acquisition of Vintage Wine Estates, Inc. []( Vintage Wine Estates is a family of wineries and wines whose singular focus is producing the finest quality wines and incredible customer experiences. With wineries throughout Napa, Sonoma, California’s Central Coast, Oregon and Washington State, we welcome you to our storied properties. And we cordially invite you to experience our wines, wherever you are, to enjoy with family and friends. This will focus Direct 2 Customers and it's impressive and has a strong management in leadership team of experts in the wine business aboard. Time to do your due diligence and be part this. This is a recently add to Nasdaq. $BSPE


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