State Street now owns 16+% of VXRT – #stocks chatter


State Street now owns 16+% of VXRT
State Street capital 13G now states 16.4% ownership of Vaxart Inc. an American biotech company who is moving onto P2 of their oral covid vaccine. Yes I said ORAL. A room temp stable tablet. No injections, no hospitals, logistical nightmares solved. Black Rock also owns a large position. State Street Capital is also the 5th largest shareholder of JNJ Janssen Pharmaceuticals. JNJ has been working closely with Vaxart on an Oral Universal Flu Vaccine, and according to the contract, JNJ has less than 3 months to sign a global distribution contract using Vaxarts VAAST Platform.

Something is brewing behind the scenes, only a matter of time before this stock Flys.

P2 starts Q1 2021...this disruptive tech can not be buried forever.

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