GM Unveils 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV – #stocks chatter


GM Unveils 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV
The 2022 model year of the [Chevy Bolt EV and Electric Utility Vehicle]( were unveiled at Disney World on Sunday, February 14th.

Key takeaways:
- Price dropped by ~$5k compared to 2020 Bolt; Bolt EV starts at $32k, EUV at $35k
- Offers free installation of at-home charger
- Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) is a new option. It’s similar but a bit taller, longer.
- First Chevrolet to offer “Super Cruise”, hands off driving assist (which outperformed Tesla Autopilot in a 2020 Consumer Reports review). Previously only available in Cadillac. GM owns 70% of Cruise.

My take:
- It’s a budget friendly family car. With a [$7k tax credit](https:/ in the works and aggressive pricing, it’s hard to see how GM/Chevy won’t sell more Bolts than they do today (~21k in US in 2020)

- I like their monetization of Super Cruise which will be [$25/month]( or can be bundled with OnStar (also owned by GM). These so called “connected services” could be the future of car monetization, similar to the phone/app model.

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