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DHFL, a falling tale
DHFL, it's known as, one of it's kind fraud,
They looted 12k crore rupees, by flowing it through, 3 different banks, and ultimately, transferring this amount to shell companies
Now I am talking about DHFL,
As per Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code,
Once a company enters IBC code,
Lenders(Financial Creditors), the Banks become the Owners of the company, and they can sell to whomsoever they want to sell, with approval of NCLT(national company law tribunal),
So my fellow investors, it's best to exit DHFL, and Piramel, the possible buyer have clearly stated, that, equity will undergo complete wipeoff, so zero value for DHFL current shareholders,
Many in comment section, will talk about Ruchi Soya, (sir, firstly, the shareholders, before relisting lost their 97% of ownership, so who bought after relisting got some value),
Now why Patanjali, look for Reduction of shares from 100 ;1, so that, they will not require to Fulfill the listing requirements of Sebi,
(If patanjali want to Monetize any group company through Ipo,, they will simply transfer their assets to ruchi soya, and reduce its stake,

So my dear fellow, Piramel, will merge DHFL with its 1 group company and it does not want, to go for listing, so please exist DHFL and instead enter any Piramel group listing company


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