Catalyst just out on $AGYP – #stocks chatter


Catalyst just out on $AGYP
We all can see that oil plays on the OTC are getting more and more attention with Biden in office and oil moving higher and higher. USA crude oil could easily surpass $70 this month and $AGYP is a well-positioned Texas oil producer ready to take advantage of the SURGE IN OIL PRICES.

Recently, $AGYP announced intentions to grab an 80% stake in some northern Texas wells. Currently, USA crude is hovering around $65 per barrel. Some quick math shows that with this new acquisition there is approximately $20,000,000 of oil in the ground on this new deal.

Recently, $MDMP put a dollar volume on the amount of estimated recoverable oil in the ground on their properties and the stock surged on millions of dollars of volume. With a float about half the size of MDMP, $AGYP could see $2-3 once the market realizes how much potential production is in $AGYP's near term future.

I believe oil will see $100 at some point in 2021 and I want to invest in an American oil producer that is ready to take full advantage of these prices.

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