AGYP is making rapid growth over the last 2 months – #stocks chatter


AGYP is making rapid growth over the last 2 months

Allied Energy Corporations (AGYP) is making rapid growth over the last 2 months, rising as much as 500%, which led them to make a huge move by hiring an extremely well-known member of the oil community, Curtis William Boyles. to execute their potential lead in the best way possible. It is known that when the oil prices rise, many companies will be looking to invest into expanding their oil production capacity, which will be affordable with the profit they will be making from the rise.

After AGYP rapid growth they decided to make a different kind of investment, to hire Curtis William Boyles, A man with more than 30+ years of experience that is highly respected within the oil sector as an Oil and Gas operations manager and consultant. He will be in looking after all necessary operations, drillings, and water well injection permits. Mr. Boyles will also the judge all potential acquisitions and joint-venture endeavors.

On top of that, AGYP will be rely on Mr. Boyles to manage all planning and operations of property evaluation projects to determine investment potential, development, exploratory findings, Manage infrastructure and property purchases.

On 4 march of 2021 AGYP has signed an agreement with a premier partner in the Texas oil industry to gain majority ownership of two producing oil wells in northern Texas. The company will be having 100% working interest and 80% Net Revenue interest ownership. By looking at Mr. Boyles overall reputation and expertise, it is safe to assume that these 2 wells with AGYP’s growth and huge future potential are in reliable hands.




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