Will Tesla and Toyota make half-price electric cars? Partnership imminent – #stocks chatter


Will Tesla and Toyota make half-price electric cars? Partnership imminent

Possible Partnership - Not Confirmed Yet. The original Article is in Korean, Translated by Google.


It is reported that Tesla and Toyota have reviewed the partnership since last year and are approaching the final stage. According to an official from the Japanese automobile industry on the

28th , Tesla and Toyota are considering jointly developing a small electric SUV platform (the car's basic skeleton). The partnership review has been conducted since last year. Toyota provides the vehicle platform to Tesla, and instead, Tesla provides some of the electronic control platform and software technology onboard its vehicle to Toyota.

When the partnership with Toyota is established, Tesla will be able to launch a compact SUV electric vehicle at low cost using the Toyota platform . In addition , Tesla's sales in Japan, which are around 1,000 units per year , are likely to increase significantly.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the company's new technology public event'Battery Day' in September of last year, "We will release a $ 25,000 (half price) electric car in 2023 . However, among experts, there were not few opinions that it would be difficult for Tesla to find a way to sell electric cars at such low prices. Tesla 2017 years junjunghyeong electric car "model 3" , 2020 years midsize electric SUV"Model Y ' after having released the, lays out a" cyber trucks' electrical pickup trucks by the end of the year. However , the details of the'half-price electric car' that will be released in 2023 are not yet known.

*Elon Musk, chairman of Tesla, USA, is leading the global electric vehicle industry* *.* */* *AFP* *Yonhap News*
On the other hand, Toyota can also significantly reduce the resources and time spent on innovation of its vehicle's integrated electronic control platform ( ECU ) and operating system ( OS ) by using Tesla technology . Toyota is evaluating that the integrated ECU and OS technology that can control and improve vehicle functions through wireless updates ( Over The Air ) is lagging behind Tesla. In other words, through cooperation between the two companies, Tesla can reduce the cost and period of developing small electric SUVs and Toyota's ECU and OS development. It aims for a win-win effect by reducing the time it takes for the two companies to compensate for each other's weaknesses, allowing them to focus more on their own strengths.

Tesla and Toyota have previously partnered. The two companies agreed to jointly develop electric vehicles in 2010 , and in 2012 marketed Toyota's RAV4 electric vehicle equipped with Tesla's battery system . However, due to various reasons, such as sluggish sales, in 2017 , Toyota's stake in Tesla ( 3.15%), and the alliance has ended. However, the close relationship between Musk and Toyota CEO Akio Toyota was maintained, leaving room for a reunion between the two companies in the future.

Headquarters manufacturing facility in Fremont, California plant Toyota in Tesla's original 1984 \~ 2009 years GM was creating a joint venture with the car's numi ( NUMMI New · United Motor Manufacturing Inc .) Was a factory. Toyota transferred this to Tesla in 2010 , and Tesla acquired not only a production facility but also a variety of production technologies from Toyota at the time.

*Toyota Motor Company's President Akio Toyota gives* *a speech at the announcement of the partnership with* *Japanese telecommunications company* *NTT* *in* *March last year* *.* */Toyota*
Last year, Toyota sold 9.35 million units, surpassing Volkswagen and returned to the world's top sales in five years. Toyota CASE is focused on making (Connected · Autonomous · Share · All fairy tales) existing rotation careful to deal with (自前主義· to fulfill themselves) abandoned the herd (友軍). On the 24th , it entered into a partnership with a rival Japanese commercial vehicle company Isuzu to mutually invest 450 billion won. Toyota, along with Isuzu and its truck subsidiary Hino, plans to accelerate the electric and autonomous driving of commercial vehicles. Prior to this, Toyota also established a hydrogen fuel cell development joint venture with five Chinese automobile and technology companies, including Tsinghua University, Beijing, Cheil, Dongfeng, and Guangzhou Motors. The jointly developed hydrogen fuel cell system will be installed on Chinese trucks and buses from 2022 . In addition, Toyota is striving to maximize economies of scale related to electrification and autonomous driving, including successive capital alliances with rivals Mazda and Suzuki.

Meanwhile, Musk wrote on Twitter on the 27th , "The likelihood that Tesla will soon become the largest company in the world is higher than 0%." Although the context is not clear, it was also written “probably within a few months”, an expression that could be interpreted as referring to a period, and was soon deleted. Currently, Tesla's market cap is about $ 590 billion, which is one-third of Apple, the world's largest market cap.

Tesla's share price continued to rise even after surpassing Toyota, which was the first in the industry's market capitalization at the time, in July of last year, and its share price continued to rise. It fell by about 30 %. Tesla, in particular , has a task to achieve economies of scale, with only 500,000 units sold as of last year . If the alliance with Toyota is established, it can receive great power to expand mass production faster and at lower cost.

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