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What goes up must come down, so goes the saying. I'm talking about Nasdaq which is rising 1.70% higher to lead a rebound among tech stocks. Consider buying tesla on the shorter time frames, which is up about 3.5% at the moment, which comes from a major policy speech by president Joe Biden, who is expected to reveal a $2 trillion 🎇 infrastructure spending plan, with special attention directed at developing and advancing clean energy Industries. Naturally, Tesla is one of them so expect further risk on the mood 📈. In other news U.S oil stock piles dropped to 876,000 barrels last week, surprising both analysts and investors alike. The expectations were for a buildup of ⬆️ 107,000, so this news is positive for oil bulls. Oil is currently trading almost 1% higher with a strong buying rate on all time frames, ready to trade 😎?

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