$PSFE now live and its a steal. – #stocks chatter


$PSFE now live and its a steal.
This is an excerpt from previous DD but i want to share so people have a chance to make their own choice and do their own research before this stock blows up...

Paysafe (NYSE:PSFE). The merger is legally official, it's going to be a massive cash cow. You've got online gambling, sports betting, big casinos shifting online, privacy payment provider e-wallets, the main branch with its own payment cards accepted internationally and seamlessly, also allowing private crypto purchases, not to mention their probability of supporting the fledgling esports igaming industry. All in one package. It is going to be colossal. Paypal is having issues just keeping their shit together with simple crypto transactions, people are pissed, moving to better providers like Square (which is also a great growth stock btw). The iGaming(online gambling) industry is already in the hundred billions of dollars per annum and Paysafe is a major payment processor at the forefront with a long and trusted track record if any of you are familiar with Neteller and Skrill formerly Moneybookers etc.

If BFT - Foley's track record on the other hand is any example of success, they can prop it up massively. The best of both worlds as BFT is also bringing insurance and investment holding companies along with it for some icing on the cake.

Paypal is weakening and they are falling behind in these markets, they are too vanilla and wont touch any of this and are too busy un-clusterf*cking their already KYC users frozen or blocked btc transactions, besides people want ease of use without borders and no bullshit verification processes. I had history over a decade ago working directly with the digital payment providers currently under Paysafe when online gambling was basically outlawed in North America not to mention taking client orders which we still did anyway on regulated soil (come at me FBI) Im in Canada we had authorities do walk throughs of our offices all the time. Digressing. With BFT hovering around $14-$17 which to be honest is a goddamn steal right now, once it transitions into PSFE I estimate it will hit $40+ within the first few months, with far reaching upside, smack in between 2 crazy global industries that are on fire rn: crypto and igaming.

Little ex employee insider information for you right there.

Jk, as i said, its all public knowledge, but these payment providers are proverbial money printers and not the bad kind and with all the Casinos shifting their business online/covid/crypto/kids stealings mom's credit card betting on their favourite twitch streamers to win at CS:GO, Fortnite,half joking. I'd say most current online betting money is in sports and poker in the 18-40 age range, you get the odd rich Boomers who drop 40k a day on coin flips or how many injuries there will be in a game, sick shit like that, who bets 40k on a coin flip? The rest are grannies hitting slots.

The US is also lifting a lot of sanctions Federally and by state IIRC, relating to online gambling; BFT/PSFE is practically a lock. I highly suggest to anyone pick up $PSFE stock asap or at very least get some early wet feet. I personally own a few hundred and plan to buy more.


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