CDC Cruise Updates Just Wrecked US Sailing – #stocks chatter


CDC Cruise Updates Just Wrecked US Sailing
So it appears the new cdc guidelines are out and they are just as pathetic as I predicted. They mention that vaccines will be an important part of returning to normal, they are still demanding that the cruise industry perform test cruises before they can set sail with any paying customers and no date for return to cruising from US ports was given. That meeting with Florida's politicians the other day was a waste of time. This CDC update just creates more barriers for the cruise industry to sail out of US ports. I am posting various links below with more information.


From the above article:

"As it stands currently, the new guidelines that the CDC has issued do not speed up a return of cruising anytime soon. The cruise lines have no guidance on when they would start test cruises; there is no guidance on restart dates.

Although we knew that phase two would always only be some additional technical guidance from the CDC, what they have released now seems to be disappointing for everyone in the cruise industry."


The above link is a travel agent who deals with cruises. He explains what the cdc is requiring.

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