BLOZF – MJ breathalyzer is in testing – #stocks chatter


BLOZF - MJ breathalyzer is in testing
A **Marijuana Breathalyzer** is nearing completion. Do you think that nearly every traffice cop on this continent will want one in his/her car?

**Cannabix Technologies** (OTC PINK: **BLOZF**) (CSE: BLO) is creating a **marijuana breathalyzer**. Cannabix is a Canadian company, but they announced this morning that a large U.S. health clinic will now be doing extensive testing of their near-ready product.

When this **Cannabix** product is completed, its international market will be a monster. Not only will nearly every police department want one or more, but thousands of employers will, as well as the military. The best time to invest is now, months before the finished breathalyzer is ready for sale. Here is the announcement article.


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