TRYP Therapeutics is becoming the next giant for the psychedelic industry. – #stocks chatter


TRYP Therapeutics is becoming the next giant for the psychedelic industry.

Recently, it was announced that the cannabis industry titan, GW Pharmaceuticals , was being acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals for $7.2 billion. Looking back to May of 2013 when GW first went public, it was trading at $8.90 - a mere fraction of its current market valuation of over $215 per share. At this time, the thought that the small cannabidiol company would later be the target of a 10-figure acquisition was one few saw coming.

However, those who saw the future growth potential of this industry player that forever changed the global cannabis market have been handsomely rewarded for their foresight. Although you may be too late for the cannabis sector, a similar boom in the psychedelic industry is just starting.

TRYP Therapeutics is one of the industry’s growing leaders within the psychedelic sector that many predict is following in the footsteps of GW, positioned to mirror its success.

The article can be seen below but these are the main reasons they vouch for Tryp's success:

* They are trying to break the stigma surrounding psychedelic treatments
* They are expanding their pipeline to include many different treatments from competitors
* Extensive Experience in Big Pharma
* Targeting more rare disorders that have a high demand for treatment

Similar to GW Pharma, Tryp Therapeutics is an American pharmaceutical company located in the biotech hotbed of San Diego, an area of Southern California, focused on researching and treating illnesses through synthesizing and legitimizing naturally occurring compounds for the treatment of rare diseases.

Find the full release here at: [](

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