In case you’ve missed what’s going on in the US – #stocks chatter


In case you've missed what's going on in the US
Fed’s Beige Book Reports Pickup in Recovery, Price Pressures: [](

Global Food Prices Surge To Highes In Almost Two Decades According To The UN: [](

[Citi US Inflation Surprise Index hitting an all-time high since its inception in 1998](

[Government payments still make up 22% of US Personal Income](

Meanwhile, Powell and the Fed: Inflation is transitory, we're not worried. 🧐

The Fed is apparently starting to sell some of its ETFs and corporate bonds accumulated during the stimulus ([](, but when you look at the numbers you can tell that they are just trying to play the market. If I'm not mistaken, that's only about $14 Billion! At the same time, they've pumped at least $750 Billion in the markets over the last 12+ months AND they are continuing to do so!

This may be a classic case of me falling prey to confirmation bias, but literally everywhere I look, inflation is only just starting! What do you guys think?


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