$MX Magnachip Semiconductors 35$ Buyout 20% upside – #stocks chatter


$MX Magnachip Semiconductors 35$ Buyout 20% upside
Magnachip semiconductors has been pending a buyout of 29$ per share since late march and the deal and terms have been up in the air and under much speculation. This morning a new unsolicited bid of 35$ per share was announced and under consideration. Currently trading at 28$ per share premarket as it has already shot up due to the news. Definitely worth looking into as the company is undervalued already without the deal. Obviously there are risk with buyouts and things can fall through, but there is 20% upside from the current share price of 28$ and the announced buyout or 35$. Do your own DD and research this isnt financial advice but definitely something to look into!


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