AMC Q2 Earnings call – Key points & a quick recap – #stocks chatter


AMC Q2 Earnings call – Key points & a quick recap
During their earnings call today, AMC made a plethora of announcements. Here are the key takeaway points.

* Q3 and Q4 trend line (in terms of) revenue are positive with more movie titles on the horizon
* No debt maturities till 2023, and most of them aren’t until 2026. AMC has more time to repay its debt – Less stress on liquidity
* In terms of the new streaming era, Adam Aron said “movie theatres are resilient – Americans visited movie theatres 1 billion times in 2019.” Considering historical events, its highly unlikely streaming will take over theatres
* **Liquidity:** $2.02bn ($1.81bn unrestricted) **Cash burn:** $85 million per month
* **10 new AMC theatres** to be leased soon
* AMC to feature concert movies later this month.
* **AMC will reach out to GameStop for a possible collaboration.**
* AMC exploring cryptocurrencies and blockchains; have plans to accept Bitcoin as early as end of the year
* Reaches formal agreement with **Warner brothers to have 45 day exclusive theatrical window**for all their movies in 2022
* Adam Aron has proposed a new policy for insider trading; encouraging the senior executives to hold AMC shares – in alignment with their salary.


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