Takeaway into $AMRN’s German launch 13 days from now – #stocks chatter


Takeaway into $AMRN's German launch 13 days from now
**Here is the Prepare-IT 1 COVID study** [Link](https://www.acc.org/Latest-in-Cardiology/Clinical-Trials/2021/08/26/01/15/PREPARE-IT)

My take away: Nothing big, but does show Vascepa is extermely safe for people. And sets up for future studies in other areas.

**What I think will happen Monday US open**

My take away: Will be pressured down, but since upcoming catalysts coming, could be a buying opportunity. Frankfurt market will be interesting to watch.

**Next Catalyst 1: Prepare-IT 2 COVID study**

My take away: Cardio-Link was a similar study on a smaller scale that showed promising results. Supposedly Prepare-IT 2 should finish up this Monday. When we get the results who knows.

**Next Catalyst 2: German launch 13 days from now** [Link](https://amarinlaunchevent.eu/)

My take away: Amarin will have to PR the launch sooner or later. Plus the more info for rest of EU at launch date.


**$PFE** will work with AMRN to promote throughout EU. Kind of how they started with in Canada. [Link](https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/hls-therapeutics-announces-promotional-agreement-with-pfizer-for-vascepa-r-in-canada-861060988.html)And especially with the recent results of from the REDUCE-IT trial [Link](https://finance.yahoo.com/news/amarin-reports-data-reduce-showing-071500427.html) which showed to reduce ischemic events in patients with prior heart attacks

GLTA stay frosty.

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