I want to bet that Tether doesn’t crash – #cryptospeculation


I've had it. All these years conspiracies, people that have no idea about crypto and other sheep blindly repeating what they heard that usdt is a scam including their mom, my mom and what not.

The only stable that has proven reserves. They even don't get that the money instruments they were using were generating yields. They don't understand that they got money from all exchanges. That exchanges bet their reputation on Tether because they fucking know its backed. That Tether never lost peg because people that know are buying it on arbitrage when it dips. Nobody can understand that Tether also burns money etc, they never read the white paper and have no clue of elementary math.

I want to short these people's opinion!

So, can I at last put my money where my mouth is and somehow bet that Tether will not depeg for example some years or something? In which platform can I do it or is there another way? I could of course buy it everytime it dips but that's very little %.

Since I have a massively different opinion (risky) vs the market and everyone else it sounds like I should be compensated right? Big! Either that or the market doesn't really factor in the risk and it's just a bunch of reddit kids and totally irrelevant ny times writers.

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