Maxine Water’s Report yesterday revealed the DTCC waived $9.7B the morning of Jan 28, 2021, spread out between 6 firms. Robinhood was $2.2B/$9.7B, which means 5 other CEOs were awoken at 3AM like Vlad with a massive margin charge. 5 companies divided by the remainder $7.5B is an average $1.5B each. – #marketnews


PG 101:

I only gave an average ~$1.5B which is equally dividing the remainder of the $9.7B, which is $7.5B after Robinhood's waiver is taken out, between the remaining 5 companies, excluding the 6th which is Robinhood.

Robinhood's Deposit Requirement that morning is somewhat misunderstood. I'll clear it up. The premium component was $2.2B. RHs charge minus the premium component was $1.4B. Robinhood had $700M in deposit with the NSCC already, so $2.2B + $1.4B - $0.7B = $3B, which was the balance they got in the 3am email. There total deposit requirement was ~3.7B. [Source]( with email.

Theoretically, there could have been a company that got as large of a waiver as Robinhood, especially as it is mentioned Robinhood was in a group of 2 firms that asked for special attention.

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