System metrics

Mehabe is an experienced forex hedge fund. We are currently running our second fund and it has been doing brilliantly since starting in June 2022.

We trade magnificently profitable trading system which is generating 20% a month return.

Here is the last 5 months of trading performance.


Primarily a EURUSD system with fast gets in and get out. The forex markets trade in range for months together and then breakouts for about 2 weeks before settling into range again. This truth forms the backbone of the system at mehabe. Our system is deliberately able to take advantage of both range and breakout moments. The system has an ability to recognize a true breakout and thus be able to adjust for true breakout. For range markets, it will continue to perform as usual of sharp fast trades.

You will notice that no one has ever got a system which is able to trade both range and breakout together. The reason is because its very difficult to recognize a true breakout. Breakout almost always fails and drops back into range. That is why cheap EA will not do well. is among the 0.1% systems on internet that is able to go in both markets. Brilliant isnt it ?

Now the system metrics:

  • Profit factor 1.4-1.5x. This is stable and will not change.
  • Win ratio is 65% (shows the system is a true system and not one that has artificially manipulated 90% win rate etc which is impossible.
  • Live accounts: We trade only live accounts.
  • Return: The system makes 20% a month regularly. If not 20%, between 10-20% almost always. But generally you are going to join this system and take the trouble for a return of 20% a month.
  • DD: Expect low. We expect DD almost never to exceed 10-11%. The small times it does spike, its capped at 15%. That is the maximum DD. So if you get 20% in first month, your stop out will still be keeping in profit.

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