History of trades

The system performance since January 2019 is shown below. It has been a brilliant full year of trading in 2019.


Cumulative returns

Cumulatively the system predictions have been very good. Over +200% return added thus showing the system is well trained and capable of short term predictions.

Monthly return since 2019

The full history of trades till 31 Dec 2019 is provided below. The trades from 2020 are provide in the trade copier section



The max DD is under 35% which is what where portfolio stops stand. The system operates with a guaranteed return else no fees. Extreme safety of account is paramount to the trading team.

The Total return in 2019 was a humongous +2334 pips.  Those are phenomenal numbers.

We promise exact same returns for retail clients.

Full trading list is below.

You can get started by emailing us at fundsupport@mehabe.com

The Mehabe system is the first trading system to come with a guaranteed return every month as a condition for any fees to apply. To know more, please send us a request telling us about your details and your objective in trading forex.