Mehabe Managed Account: Trading System

Mehabe Managed Account

Mehabe runs a managed account for professional global clients who would like the flexibility of total control over their funds even while taking advantage of a world class professional trading system managed by a experienced trading team.

How does Mehabe Managed Account differ from others?

Mehabe is the only firm offering a high quality AI system for retail client.

Why does AI system outperform other trading system

One of the most advancement of the last decade has been the evolution of AI systems. Google navigation system depend on AI. Amazon Alexa operates on AI. Uber self driving cars use google labs AI infrastructure. Almost all banks have dedicated AI trading desks. AI systems are so good because of their ability to judge price behavior and hence predict future behavior. When this is combined with risk management, you get trading system which will guarantee performance.

What is the Maximum DD that a retail MT4 can see?

The system historically has seen no more than 20%. However trading is evolving and almost incurs a certain risk.

How do I start the managed account ?

The minimum accounts size to run the MANAGED ACCOUNT TRADING SYSTEM IS 50,000 USD but preferably above 100,000 USD. The system is trading on LIVE ACCOUNT AT OUR END and hence you as clients can track each trade. We do not trade for any account below 50,000 USD.

You need to first register at here: MANAGED ACCOUNT MT4 ACCOUNT. 

Once registered above, please email us at


Fill the form

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How is DD managed

The MEHABE MANAGED ACCOUNT differentiates itself as it has very low DD. There is not only low DD on trades but thats not all, there are overall stops which protect the whole account as well. The system has never seen a DD above 23%. That was back in July 2019. In 2020 the DD is much lower well under that level. In Feb 2020, the DD was 12%, In March 2020 it was 13% while in April 2020, the DD was a mere 7%. We are extremely focused on providing high quality risk adjusted returns rather than just high returns. Safety of capital comes before return on capital with this system.

What are the return to be expected

This is a high performance system. While DD is kept very low, because of the width of the pairs, it trades, the performance will be well over 20% on a regular basis. So low DD and great performance is what this system is marked out for.

Can we have a live myfxbook link?

Yes. Every investor is sent the master account live myfxbook link to monitor them real time. Click here:. You can also request them at

We did not get a reply to our request?
Our email often gets into SPAM of GMAIL due to strict filtering of trading emails. So please login into your GMAIL and send us a email from inside GMAIL or other email clients. Please send the email to from inside gmail or other email clients. We will then reply. Please check the SPAM folder as well.

How can one use these trades offered by Mehabe?

You will need to send us an email expressing willingness to by emailing us at OR fill the form here

Can I discontinue at any time and restart later ?

Yes! One of the advantages of mehabe managed account is you can shut the program any time. Of course the monthly guarantee will not apply on that month.

How am I charged?

You can pay via paypal or bank transfer separately and not via account deduction.

Given this system is working on Direct Market Access, will it also work on MT4?

We believe so. We are copying the trades to MT4 via bridge. Historical statements for 2019 is available if you need the trade list.

Do you provide historical tradelist?

Yes. Please request them at


Please explain the Mehabe System in detail

The Mehabe trading system is a Artificial Intelligence based system. The AI system under the hood is the hybrid version of the Echo State Network

Echo state network have been around for a long time. It is well suited for time series predictions like in forex trading. The loosely connected neurons as opposed to the LTSM memory based systems. are well suited for short term predictions.

Mehabe system run directly off the market pools. However the system is made available via API and Expert Advisors(EA) for trading clients using MT4.

If you would like to know more and get started on a trial basis for a short period of time, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us on

A bit more on the ECHO STATE NETWORK
What are Echo State Networks?

Echo state network is a type of Recurrent Neural Network, part of the reservoir computing framework, which has the following particularities:

the weights between the input -the hidden layer ( the ‘reservoir’) : Win and also the weights of the ‘reservoir’: Wr are randomly assigned and not trainable
the weights of the output neurons (the ‘readout’ layer) are trainable and can be learned so that the network can reproduce specific temporal patterns
the hidden layer (or the ‘reservoir’) is very sparsely connected (typically < 10% connectivity)
the reservoir architecture creates a recurrent non linear embedding (H on the image below) of the input which can be then connected to the desired output and these final weights will be trainable
it is possible to connect the embedding to a different predictive model (a trainable NN or a ridge regressor/SVM for classification problems)
Reservoir Computing

Reservoir computing is an extension of neural networks in which the input signal is connected to a fixed (non-trainable) and random dynamical system (the reservoir), thus creating a higher dimension representation (embedding). This embedding is then connected to the desired output via trainable units.

The non-recurrent equivalent of reservoir computing is the Extreme Learning Machine and consists only of feed forward networks having only the readout layer trainable.


For an input of shape N, T, V, where N is the number of observations, T is the number of time steps and V is the number of variables we will:

choose the size of the reservoir R and other parameters governing the level of sparsity of connection, if we want to model a leakage, the ideal number of components after the dimensionality reduction, etc
generate (V, R) input weights Win by sampling from a random binomial distribution
generate (R, R) reservoir weights Wr by sampling from an uniform distribution with a given density, parameter which sets the level of sparsity
calculate the high dimensional state representation H as a non linear function (typically tanh) of the input at the current time step (N, V) multiplied by the internal weights plus the previous state multiplied by the reservoir matrix (R, R)
optionally we can run a dimensionality reduction algorithm such as PCA to D components, which brings H to (N, T, D)
create an input representation either by using for example the entire reservoir and training a regressor to map states t to t+1: one representation could be the matrix of all calculated slopes and intercepts. Another option could be to use the mean or the last value of H
connect this embedding to the desired output, either by using a NN structure which will be trainable or by using other types of predictors. The above mentioned paper suggest the use of Ridge regression
Why and when should you use Echo State Networks?
Traditional NN architectures suffer from the vanishing/exploding gradient problem and as such, the parameters in the hidden layers either don’t change that much or they lead to numeric instability and chaotic behavior. Echo state networks don’t suffer from this problem
Traditional NN architectures are computationally expensive, Echo State Networks are very fast as there is no back propagation phase on the reservoir
ESN are well adapted for handling chaotic time series

Mehabe team operates direct market connectivity to FX markets via direct broker APIs. The system trains every 4 hours to generate new signals.

Currently the system is running on Tensor Flow Infrastructure.  The system is training on:

Specific Stocks
Stock indexes

The system currently is trained in over 60,000 data points for each of the above assets. The training point is added daily as the system gathers more prices on a daily basis.

What can you expect

You can expect a stable trading system making a solid and high returns every week and month. These systems are generally active in high protected funds. Our clients will enjoy the same professionalism and methodical account management.