Managed Account

Mehabe trading desk runs a high performance low dd stable FX trading system. The performance of the system is shown below. Returns are updated regularly.

Requirements to be "Mehabe Managed System Client"

The minimum capital to start the Managed Account is 100k EUR. Ideally we would like clients to be trading above 500k EUR and above.

FEE: There is a fixed fee every month of $500 per month (taken quarterly). Apart from this, there is no other fee or charges. The charge only accrues if the quarter profits are above +24%.

Please open a new MT4 trading account with Vantagefx to be eligible for the managed system. Please open the account by clicking here: OPEN A NEW MT4 TRADING ACCOUNT FOR MEHABE MANAGED ACCOUNT

Clients have the option of keeping exposure to the system at 0.5x or 1x or 1.5x or 2x. The max DD at 1x is below 30%. Our max DD in 2021 has not even crossed 10%. Returns are brilliantly superior to anyone else on the planet.

Please fill correct details while filling the form. In case of any queries, please email us at or fill the form here Contact Us