How to start

The system is absolutely one of the very best trading systems on internet. You can take advantage of the system on a profit share basis or via paying a fixed fee.


The EA to copy MEHABE trades can be purchased direct for a fee of EUR 7000 one time with full support and updates. Payment is via equivalent BTC. You can get the EA to immediately download by sending the email to or simply contact us here. We offer free help in installing the system on your MT4 on your VPS and available for any support. The live link to monitor is always available.

We recommend you to trade a min of 1000$.

Managed Account

If you do not want to pay upfront, we also provide managed account services. As the name goes, we will manage your MT4 account to take all trades from our system without any need of effort from you. This method requires you to trade above 100k EUR in your broker account opened below. There is a profit share of 15% at end of the month. The profit share need to be sent separately via BTC.

Please follow the steps to start your managed account
1. Open an account at VANTAGEFX from here: VANTAGEFX NEW MT4 ACCOUNT
Ensure that the account step 1 is opened in your name.
2. Please open an MT4 ECN account inside VANTAGEFX opened in step 1
3. Fund your MT4 with a minimum capital of 100k EUR or above.
4. Please email us once funded and ready to start.

All queries can be sent to us