Proof that Swedes have F-ing hands! (pictures inside) – #stocks chatter


Proof that Swedes have F-ing hands! (pictures inside)
I don't have the humor nor writing skills to make this into a long, funny shitpost like others so I will keep this short and simple.

I have screenshots from the biggest brokerage firm in Sweden called "Avanza". They post the amount of holders of a stock everyday at opening and I have kept tab of the amount of people owning the stock here in Sweden and that continue to hold it!

We may have lost a few weak, paper handed, Dave Portnoying-MF's but we don't need those anyway.I came for the meme and stayed for the cause!

In the screenshots you see text and numbers circled in red. It says "**Owners at Avanza**" in Swedish and then the amount of people owning the stock at the given day. The math don't lie. We are still HOLDING over here! Maybe it's because of the cold climate up here in the north that we are cool AF.

**Now bear in mind, Sweden has a population of around 10 million people so even though these numbers aren't huge. They are still big in relation to how many people live in our country. GME&AMC are also in the top 10 most owned foreign stocks!**

[15000 Owners](

[24000 Owners. +9000 over night.](

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