Brokerage service quality matters – #stocks chatter


Brokerage service quality matters
**Angry customers show up at R\_R headquarters after gGAm\_e s\*t+op trading chaos**

THU, FEB 11 20213:03 PM, Yasmin Khorram

[**A group of R\* traders angered by recent weeks’ events are showing up at the company’s California Menlo Park headquarters, claiming they couldn’t otherwise get in touch with customer service**](**.**

* **Menlo Park police reports outline 10 incidents ranging from venting frustration to security guards, to one man throwing dog feces at the front door.**
* **Since Robinhood restricted buying of certain stock on the app, users have filed more than 2 dozen lawsuits seeking damages.**
* **One frustrated customer drove 2400 miles wanted to talk to someone inside the office**

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