New Coin??? AABB – #stocks chatter


New Coin??? AABB
New coin?? AABB

I very uneducated when it comes to these coins & wallets I'm an old-school cash kind of guy. I've never bought any stock having to do with coins or digital currency. But for some reason this one seem to pick my interest. So if anyone has any general information or specific information related to the AABB coin / wallet id love to hear from you.

I need to say, that i have always hated coins , just could never understand them but after doing a little DD on this one im having an open mind.

$AABB is very interesting and not a regular BS coin from what i have read. Its a new coin backed by gold. i bought in this morning and will continue to research this company but sounded interesting so i started a position before i could finish my DD.

if anyone has info or thoughts on aabb please post here, im deff interested in this one i think. the dd i did said the coin is being launched next week.

thanks in advance to anyone who has insight on this.

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