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Analysis of Powell’s speech – #stocks chatter

Analysis of Powell’s speech – #stocks chatter

Analysis of Powell’s speech
I am so busy these days that I haven’t come to share my views with you.

Just now Powell came out to speak, but it was still insipid, but DK noticed that what he said had kind of followed the Wall Street script.

Powell said that inflation will rise in the coming months compared with the same period in 2020, and some of them are deliberately reminding everyone that he has read the minds of Wall Street.

According to the inflation data in February a few days ago, everyone feels that the increase is not very large compared with that in 2020. Wall Street has laid the groundwork here. Oil prices rose a lot in March this year, and inflation was the lowest point in March last year. So if you go ahead with the script, when you release inflation data in March, there will be a lot of hype about an increase compared with last year, causing market panic.

So here DK gives everyone an early warning, either prepare cash or avoid the risk of panic in advance. Just this month, 1400 US dollars in relief funds are coming in one after another, and many people are running in. Early next month is the season for harvesting retail investors.

Let’s wait and see.