$SENS going to Jupiter tomorrow and calls closed at $.01! – #stocks chatter


$SENS going to Jupiter tomorrow and calls closed at $.01!
So Webull dropped the news AH that $SENS was awarded its patent for its diabetes monitoring device!

*Seeing $SENS is one of the most shorted stocks in the market right now (according to market watch), the price is going to go through the roof with a crazy short squeeze!*

Price closed at $2.89, and 3/19 call options are literally almost free. Like the $3.5 call last sold for $.03 and the $5.5 call last sold for $.01!!! I gobbled up over 40 calls right before closing because I couldn’t help myself. And now with this squeeze about to happen, I feel like this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity to just make bank!!

Per usual. I’m just a random stranger and definitely not a financial advisor, so do with this as you may 😇

(To read the patent announcement article- Go on Webull. Search SENS. Click on “news”. )

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