Next Biggest Genomic AI Sequencing Company about to go public – #stocks chatter


Next Biggest Genomic AI Sequencing Company about to go public
"Artificial Intelligence That “thinks” Like Human Biology Advances Disease Detection, Treatment and Prevention"

"GATC Health is a rising star in this sector, and in a very short time has managed to productize its technology for consumer markets while expediting drug discovery and development for pharma partners. The company focuses on Predictive Multiomics™, which studies the various biomes, or biological components (genome, proteome, transcriptome, etc.) to predictively model what may happen when a disease or treatment is given to a virtual, digital human. The company’s Multiomics Advanced Technology™ (MAT) analyzes billions of biological data points, including whole genome/exome data and multiple omics, to make accurate predictions about disease states and individual responses to diseases and treatments. "

[HealthCareBusinessToday | GATC HEALTH](



Pre - IPO

Google GATC Health news and take 15 mins to read what this company is doing in the Genomic AI Sequencing space. They are looking to go public later this year on NASDAQ or NYSE and approaching its REG A+ stage estimated at a significantly higher price possible in the next forthcoming weeks. Do yourself the favor and read the articles/contracts/partnerships this company is doing. Currently, the shares are $3.75/share to allocate before it goes into its Reg A+. Get into a company that is undervalued and at the ground floor but way past the conceptual phase. The company will get a 2nd evaluation when the Reg A+ approaches. Reach out to me if you want to lock in those shares or want more details, investors will be having a very blessed 2022 once it's listed on nasdaq or nyse. Company's with less substance/technology are average at $54/ share on the stock market... don't wait when its public already... this is how millionaires get made

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