India Equity: Dynemic_Products (#DYNPRO) declares Quarterly Results for Mar 2021


DYNPRO has declared results for the period ended Mar 2021.

Quarterly Results

  • Sales for period ended Mar 2021 is Rs 57.63 cr compared to Rs 45.74 cr for period ended Mar 2020, a rise of 26.0%
  • Operating Margins reported at Rs 9.87 cr for period ended Mar 2021 vis-vis 9.35 for period ended Mar 2020 .
  • Operating Margins contracted -331.5 bps for period ended Mar 2021 vis-vis Mar 2020 .
  • The EPS for Mar 2021 was Rs 5.11 compared to Rs 7.31 for previous quarter ended Dec 2020 and Rs 7.07 for Mar 2020
  • The stock is trading at Rs 501.70 and a market cap of Rs 568 cr

Price Chart

Further analysis and Full Company Research with investing scores is available here: DYNPRO

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