Central African Gold Appoints Yves Kabongo as CEO – #stocks chatter


Central African Gold Appoints Yves Kabongo as CEO

Central African Gold Inc. is pleased to announce the Corporation has appointed Mr. Yves Kabongo as CEO replacing Stephen Barley who will remain as Executive Chairman.

Yves Kabongo is a seasoned businessman with experience in all aspects of mining in the DRC and has an intimate knowledge of the business practices and laws of the DRC. Mr. Kabongo has held management roles with a major Canadian bank and with numerous mining companies with operations in the DRC.

Mr. Kevin Torudag, Senior Advisor stated: "We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Yves as CEO of the Corporation. There are very few individuals possessing the knowledge and skill set he has and the ability to fully understand and bridge the gap between the DRC and the international financial and mining community.

Find the full release here at: [https://finance.yahoo.com/news/central-african-gold-appoints-yves-103000889.html](https://finance.yahoo.com/news/central-african-gold-appoints-yves-103000889.html)

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