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Chinese EV Daily: More Tighten Rules on Car Data Security Management; Updates of the NIO Case and the Progress of Xiaomi's Car Making
*The Ministry of Commerce issued favored policies to encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles; the Economic Daily says not to over-beautify autonomous driving; China FAW plans to put in operation 100 smart cars; Eve Energy has won an order for 1GWh energy storage batteries from a US company.*

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**Industry News**

1.Five departments including the State Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Security Management of Automobile Data (for Trial Implementation)", which will come into effect on October 1, 2021.

The “Regulations” advocate that car data processors should adhere to the data processing principles of "in-vehicle processing", "default non collection", "applicable precision range", and "desensitization processing" in carrying out automobile data processing activities, so as to reduce the disorderly collection and illegal abuse of automobile data.

2. On August 19, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China stated that it will encourage and guide all localities to reduce restrictions on the purchase of new energy vehicles through measures such as increasing license plate indicators and loosening the application requirement to create more convenience for new energy vehicles in the process of charging, travel, parking, and other phases.

Gao Feng, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, said that from January to July this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 1.478 million, a YoY increase of two times. Sales accounted for 10.0% of new car sales by manufacturers. In the first half of the year, the proportion of individual purchases of new energy vehicles exceeded 70%.

**"Autonomous driving is not as good as you think"**

On August 18, a "Joint Statement on the Awareness of the NOP/NP System by NIO Owners" went popular on the Internet. This statement immediately caused a lot of controversies, and many NIO owners believed that they were "represented." They questioned the promoter, Lin Wei, why he issued this statement without the knowledge of a large number of car owners.

**What Happened:** [Owners Fight Back for NIO with a Joint Statement while Thousands of Users Against](

On the evening of August 19, the NIO APP showed that as of 20:49, 7,844 people had participated in the " Anti-car-owners’-joint-statement."

The initiator of the joint statement, Lin Wei, who was elected as the director of NIO User Trust twice in a row, said that the User Trust is only a volunteer organization that focuses on charity. Volunteers elected by users are not paid, they are social workers, and they change every year. No personal interests were involved in this joint statement.

Regarding the much-maligned assisted driving function, Wang Yao, director of the Technology Department of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, called on car companies not to propaganda vehicles equipped with assisted driving functions. Consumers should strengthen their awareness and be responsible for their driving.

The Economic Daily said autonomous driving is not as good as you think in an article.

The Editors wrote that at present, autonomous driving still faces many challenges in terms of technology, policies, regulations, and ethics.

Artificial intelligence does not have the ability to think independently, it is difficult to respond effectively to unexpected situations on the road in a timely manner. Even if some companies currently claim that the L3 to L5 level of autonomous driving can be achieved, consumers should not believe these marketing "script" easily.

These so-called vehicles may be just concepts, or they may only be used in specific scenarios, such as closed roads or parks, automatic parking in parking lots, etc. It will take a long time for automatic driving to achieve full-scene coverage and real mass production landing.

**Xiaomi Car-making Progress:**

China Evergrande reportedly is negotiating with a number of car manufacturers such as NIO, Xpeng, and Xiaomi Group to sell its electric vehicle stake. Up to now, the results of the negotiations have not been finalized.

**However, Xiaomi will still choose to make cars on its own, and the address will be officially disclosed as soon as next week.**

In response to the media, Xiaomi Group stated that at present, Xiaomi Group has indeed contacted car-making teams from various parties for exchanges and negotiations, but the Group has not made any decision on cooperation intentions. The company will no longer respond to market rumors, please refer to the official announcement about any news.

Evergrande also issued a statement on the morning of the 20th stating that Evergrande New Energy Vehicle has had preliminary exchanges with Xiaomi Group during the process of introducing strategic shareholders, but had not conducted in-depth discussions.

**NIO and Xpeng have not yet responded to the above news.**

Company Updates

1. According to news on August 19, FAW Group is proceeding the construction of the second phase of the "Qizhichuncheng Intelligent Networking Demonstration Project" in an orderly manner. It will be implemented in two years, and it is planned to put a hundred smart cars into operation.
2. On August 19th, Powin Energy, an American energy storage system integrator, signed a two-year total supply agreement with Eve Energy. Eve Energy will supply Powin with at least 1GWh of LFP batteries this year and next.

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