NexOptic – $NXOPF – ALIIS Update. Lets get this beauty known. – #stocks chatter


NexOptic - $NXOPF - ALIIS Update. Lets get this beauty known.
NXOPF - NexOptic - ALIIS

NexOptic is an imaging company thats taking it to the next level. They are strategically partnered with Nvidia, Qualcomm, and ARM. Qualcomm just announced they were going to use ALIIS in their new 5g chips. This is opening the door for some real revenue or possibly a buyout. Either way it is good for the company.

ALIIS is intelligent imaging solution that provide cutting edge advancements in deep learning. AI at its finest.

The stock had earlier mishaps due to a disgruntled partner. He is now completely out of the company. For approximately a year now he was driving the stock price down. He had 43,000,000 shares and. Sold them off for whatever market price was driving the stock into the ground. During that year someone was privately purchasing 1,000,000 shares at various intervals but most were sold at market price.

Its time we take another look at this company. They have been awarded a couple patents in the last couple months and have more pending.

LG is integrating their product into their phones. Pristine surgical a startup company is utilizing NexOptic technology in single use camera systems.

NexOptic has some real potential for a breakout.

I am holding 5000 shares.

UPDATE - NexOptic ALIIS program is 100x faster at vehicle identification. This is amazing news for autonomous driving applications. Maybe we will find out soon who heir OEM partners are…

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