are bots plaguing crypto subs? – #cryptospeculation


Lately I've seen a lot of posts shitting on the whole crypto market. This in combination with the media that has gone a step further in framing the whole crypto market.

These posts are not completely wrong but it seems weird that since the media went a step up in shitting on crypto in general that now all crypto subreddits are flooded with negative people shitting on crypto. Maybe it's because everyone seems a bit bearish but previous cycles were different. People back in 2018 weren't really shitting on crypto in general. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of scammers and shitprojects all about marketing. But there are still a lot of projects who try to seriously evolve in the market. It feels like these people/bots and the media are bringing down the only bits of legitimacy of crypto. If these are real people shitting on crypto, than get your shit together... crypto is here to stay, maybe your shitprojects won't but that's all on you. You should've bought legit coins and not shitcoins where you thought to make a x100 on. And if you stay long enough in the market and with a bunch of luck, your shitty shitcoin can still do a x100. Time in the market is better than timing the market!

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