Next piece of infrastructure to win the future – #Future


Hey all, I’m working hard to try to get us to a future where dignified survival is guaranteed.

This cycle has been all about what I think has to be the first step towards that future - political power for marginalized communities. I founded [One For Democracy](, [Defeat By Tweet](, [Win Both Seats](, and partnered with the King family to launch [Give Us The Ballot]( - all in service of that mission.

I think with some TLC, those efforts will collectively generate hundreds of millions annually and create enough funding for organizers to work year round instead of being torn down into skeleton crews.

That said America has some unique challenges - especially when it comes to narratives - that stops it from immediately embracing supportive systems. So I’m debating what can address that next (assuming current organizing funding efforts continue to succeed).

Some thoughts I’ve been tossing around..

1. Mandatory national service
I like this for a number of reasons.
- Proximity solves a lot of our issues (many Americans famously don’t venture far from their hometown).
- If the service is used to support our systems (ag, housing, infrastructure, trash, etc), we emerge with a deeply educated citizenry.
- Once in place, it’s easy to ask for that service to be used more productively, and actually produce some of our core needs.

2. Powerful mutual aid networks
Many people who are opposed to big government actually help out locally a ton. If platforms were created that allowed for mutual aid, but also connected gov services when possible, that could start connecting dots for people. If we could also look at past actions (“you paid for rent for 12 people”) to showcase potential legislation (“now there’s a proposed bill to help cover people when they’re coming up short”) that could also be effective.

3. Building and Influencing Stronger Labor Unions
Labor has a decent amount of leverage right now. If you can get a four day work week institutionalized and minimum wage increases, you can start getting more Americans the time they need to dream about the future and become more politically active. Not to mention better organized people.

4. Fox News for Utopia
Right now we have right wing Propaganda with Fox, and NeoLiberal bs with the other major players. There’s no counter hegemonic vision for a future of abundance and freedom. This is, admittedly, the most vague for me, when I think about execution.

Anyways, love your thoughts on the highest leverage infrastructure that can be built. I believe in the ideas and power of everyday people. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. ❤️

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