Orbital ring?? – #Future


Hi, so humour me and hear me out please. I have something to say and I think it’s important.

The earth has reached optimal population for a planet this size.

This means that within 100 years or so we will start to feel the affects of overpopulation.

I have an idea to combat this. Pls criticise constructively. I’m serious about this.

we build an orbital ring around the planet. It’s main purpose would be to increase our manufacturing capacity several times over.

But it will also be used to house approximately 50% of the population of the earth.

We use the extra space created on earth by moving 4.5 bill people up there to make farms and eco reserves.

Allowing indigenous animal species to flourish and increase their populations.

This will cut our co2 emissions and allow the planet to heal itself.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all nicey, nicey. we will allow their populations to increase so that we can hunt or farm them for food to sustain our own growing population.

We will use orbital elevators to deliver goods to and from the ring to the planet and back.

An orbital elevator is basically a massive elevator from the ground all the way into space.

These orbital elevators will run on maglev.

These would be better than shuttles for deliveries to and from the ring in the sense of efficiency. We’d save trillions in fuel costs.

Shuttles could of course be used in addition but mainly the elevators.

Now here’s the cool part. You remember basic physics where if you collapse a magnetic field through a coil of wire you generate a current right.

Well if the orbital elevators were positioned correctly (in a net sort of shape) couldn’t these act as the coil of wire.

And the planets core is molten iron that spins so it could potentially generate a current in the orbital elevators.

The elevators would be docked with the orbital ring in several places. Powering the ring as well.

Not only that but if done correctly these elevators could also be used as rail guns for planetary defences.

I think the ring should also be a kind of skeleton that ships can dock with by joining directly to it. Allowing them to ‘recharge’ as well.

The ring would of course contain mining ships and smelters and machine shops and 3d printers. It would be state of the art for manufacturing goods.

There’s many benefits to this idea. For one launching space based operations directly from space will save tons of money and fuel.

Two the ring buys us time to deal with overpopulation of the planet.

Three trade between earth and the ring would flourish as one would depend on the other. The ring would mainly depend on earth for food. Nobody likes station rations.
And the earth would receive top quality goods from the ring.

The main problem I can think of m is that if the earth itself does generate a current in the elevators we’ll that couldn’t be turned off unless the planet stopped turning.

To combat this maybe use Tesla coils that are built into the sides of each elevator.

These could discharge excess charge elsewhere where it is needed.

Imagine recharge stations for your electric cars powered by the earth itself.

What do you think so far? Do I sound crazy?

I’m telling you something drastic needs to be done within 100 years.

Or else you might as well sit down and smoke crack with me. Lol.

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