Two Sigma Calls and Puts 30.06.2022 – #marketnews


**Listen Up,**

as the average degenerate here still trades worse than a drunken baboon with a bucket on her head, I have decided to extend my limitless compassion to help you confused princesses. With the power of my multi terabyte warehouse of tick-level CBOE data and the lighting speed of a freshly oiled smoothbrain, I hereby present to you the top put and call anomalies of the last 24 hours, in order to **help** you get up to **speed** with some more promising trades than the 50th lap of useless options gambling.

[Call volume Spikes](

[Put Volume Spikes](

Unless your investment objective is to lose all your capital in less than 5 minutes, this is not investment advice. For your convenience I have filtered out low-volatility dogshit, penny-stocks, leveraged etfs and other bullshit. You're welcome.


Some stocks have **higher** option activity than usual.

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